An Exoplanet Virtual Observatory App



An Android app to intuitively learn about Exoplanet detection methods

  • Create your own planetary system with a range of different types of stars and planets.
  • ‘Observe’ their transit and radial velocity measurements.
  • Read about what all of these things mean.
  • Save your systems and load them up again later.

A team based development project

  • Created by a team of PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers at the Institute for Astronomy, Royal Observatory of Edinburgh (IfA, ROE).

My role

  • Co-team leader with Dr. Duncan Forgan.
  • I won a small amount of money from the University of Edinburgh Robert’s fund to help with the project, allowing us to invite guests to meet our team and talk to other PhD students in the department, work on private repositories on GitHub (a collaboration management and code management platform).

Current status


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